How to connect to an Amazon RDS Instance using Google Apps Script?

google apps script jdbc amazon rds instance

In the previous post we have seen how to use Google Apps Script to capture Twitter Leads into Google Spreadsheets. Google Script has awesome features inbuilt that we can forget so many conventional ways through which we used to built web apps. With the advent of mobile applications and the opportunity Google Scripts provide in running powerful JavaScript code on Cloud without charging anything from the user has so much of potential if we can connect both of them. In this post let us see how we … Read More »

How to create a Twitter Lead Generation Card and connect it to Google Spreadsheets?


Back when Twitter started, all you can do was post a 140 character text as a tweet. Later it added a feature where you can add a photo to your tweet. Twitter has come a long way when it added the Cards. Basically you can add rich media and give a great visual mashup to your tweet with the cards. You can read more about twitter cards here. In this post I would like to write in detail about one particular feature which will be very interesting if you are looking to build an email list using … Read More »