15 WordPress Plugins you must install before you start blogging!

wordpress plugins must install

Wordpress is the most used platform in the world for blogging. This can be mostly attributed to it's simplicity and active community. What makes wordpress so powerful is the Plugins. Wordpress Plugins are small add-ons to the Wordpress platform which add new functionality. So if you are starting a new blog these are some of the most important plugins you need to install before you start blogging. Wordpress Plugins that improve your blogging experience Following are the 15 plugins I think are … Read More »

Facebook custom audience pixel Standard Events implementation using Google Tag Manager!

facebook custom audience pixel standard events using gtm

Previously I have written a post on how to upgrade your Facebook Custom Audience Pixel using Google Tag Manager. The blog post talked mostly about the Base pixel that needs to be placed on all the pages. It included a small example about the standard event "Search". In this post I would be explaining in detail about the other standard events (ViewContent, AddToCart and Purchase) based on Facebook custom audience pixel. We will see how to fire these on the website using Google Tag Manager … Read More »

Upgrade your Facebook Custom Audience Pixel to the new version with Google Tag Manager?

Recently Facebook has upgraded their custom audience pixels and conversion tracking pixels which are used by a lot of businesses. Businesses use these pixels to track their users and do a better targeted marketing. Now with the update, a single Audience pixel is enough to do both your tasks. The blog post of Facebook says the new facebook custom audience pixel is 3 times faster and the server response time should be less. In this post let us see how to upgrade your old pixels to new pixel … Read More »