Why I ditched Sumo Me and switched to OptinChat for Lead Generation?

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you might have noticed some exit intent popups where I collect emails for different purposes. I was using the popular tool Sumo Me for this purpose. Sumo Me was a great tool with so many features for a better lead generation and call to action buttons on your website. But somehow my campaigns on Sumo Me were very old fashioned and did not yield much results with absolutely pathetic conversion rate. My general static form on the right sidebar performed much better than an exit intent form. The reasons can be many but I thought the exit intent popup with a form became too mainstream. Sumo Me is a great tool and provides some amazing capabilities for a blogger but I came to know that If I want the people who visit my blog to think of me as an Analytics pro, having a pathetic exit intent form doesn’t serve the purpose.

Enter OptinChat. A cool, simple and intelligent way of interacting with your visitors. I came to know about this tool from a random surf session. OptinChat is a very straight forward and no non sense tool designed to serve the purpose of generating great leads. The interface mimics of a chat bot which is one of it’s main advantages as people straight away interact with your campaign. In this post, we will see the features of OptinChat, my previous experience with Sumo Me, what made me shift to OptinChat and how is it performing so far.

Otpinchat Installation

Installing OptinChat is so simple and anyone can implement it without any advanced knowledge. All you need to do is to paste a single line of JavaScript code snippet in your HTML source code.


Optinchat – Highlights of the Tool

  1. Chat bot style display with a customized intro message compared to a mainstream popup box of Sumo Me.optinchat-frontend-ui
  2. Simple question builder with a focus on single yes or no question. If the visitor chooses yes, you can ask him/her their email id otherwise show them a message to engage them on site
  3. You can even show them the chat as a popup when the users did not interact with your chat bot and tries leaving the site. This acts like an Exit Intent.
  4. You can create multiple campaigns targeting multiple landing pages. For example, when people visit a particular blog post on your site, you can run a specialized campaign related to that content.
  5. Nice funnel view of campaigns showing the conversion rates at each step so that you can optimize the intro message and focus question.
  6. A single place to view all your leads with a customized date range.optinchat-email-records
  7. A report to your email with the statistics on a daily basis to keep you reminded about the leads generated
  8. Great integration with Email Marketing tools for Pro version but the basic plan gives you a nice integration with Google sheets. With Google apps script you can come up with customized code and do interesting things with the collected leads in an automated way.
  9. Amazing feature called “Broadcast Message”. This feature gives you a great way to send a notification kind of message to all the users who visit your site with an expiry date of 24-72 hours. Used optimally, this can improve the engagement on the site or redirect your users to interesting landing pages.optinchat-broadcast-message
  10. Since I have been using the free version, I can only test the features I have access to. Pro versions have better features which looks pretty interesting from an engagement and user experience standpoint.

Conversion Rates so far

I am just running one campaign on the entire site and the campaign is about hiring me as a remote consultant. Most of the traffic that comes to my site may not be relevant to the message I am showing them. With that in mind, let us see the numbers.


Even though open rate looks more than 84%, this might be exaggerated because of Exit Intent. The conversion rate from opens to emails is around 1.74% which is more than decent for the type of traffic and the amount of content I have on my blog. And half of the leads which I got are of great quality and got converted. Whereas the exit intent popup campaign I have run over past few months did not yield one conversion.

Features nice to have

  1. Better funnels for each campaign and more granular display of statistics showing more steps
  2. Statistics for Broadcast messages
  3. Better campaign builder with options for more questions giving users an AI chat bot feel


On the whole, I am very much satisfied with the results Optinchat is giving me and I hope I optimize my campaigns more and get better results going forward. I suggest you read more about their features exhaustively here and  try the tool freely.


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