How Ensighten makes your Analytics implementation more robust?

Ever since the advent of tag management systems, implementing digital marketing and analytics tools has become simple and quick for the marketing teams because of the features that comes bundled along with these systems. Since tag management systems host the JavaScript code on their specialized cloud delivery networks, this made a huge impact on delivery, deployment and the speed of digital channels. More importantly enterprises started seeing a huge ROI on tag management systems and started adopting them immediately. Since these tools comes with a lot of features, it is important to understand the way these tools operate and how relevant the features are for your business.

Pitfalls in choosing the right tag management tool

Even though tag management tools comes with an array of features, often it becomes frustrating to select the right tool for your business needs and it becomes even more painful to manage the analytics implementation if the tool doesn’t fit into your requirements. So, before zeroing in on the tool, a detailed analysis of your business needs and architecture has to be carried out. Later a mapping to the corresponding features of the tag management tool will provide you a better choice of the tool. There are tools which may give nightmares to your analytics teams and there are tools which will be a boon for them. Ensighten is one such tag management tool which is a boon to the analytics team which comes packaged with great features and is quite popular in the enterprise segment.

Features of Ensighten that make your implementation robust

  1. Apps – Ever faced a huge learning curve understanding the technical implementation of different variables of a digital marketing/analytics tool? Ensighten Apps provides great templates which will save you a lot of time writing code and understanding the technicalities of variables. Next time when you implement an Adobe analytics custom event tag or a Responsys tag, make sure you use an inbuilt App to make your implementation more comfortable, bug free and readable for anyone from your marketing team.
  2. Conditions – If you are an enterprise with multiple digital channels, there will be a ton of digital marketing and analytics tools you will be deploying at different places on your channels. It becomes very difficult if you don’t have the right mechanism to segregate the rules for firing your tags. Conditions in Ensighten does the exact thing. You can maintain all your firing rules in a single place. On top of that Ensighten conditions provides you great features which will let you build complex firing rules in seconds. Next time when you want to run a campaign on the eve of Christmas, make sure you build a condition which schedules and runs the campaign for you. No more sleepless nights in turning on and off your campaigns!
  3. Tags and Versioning – If you are analytics developer working in an Agile framework, you should know the pain of maintaining the code repository by different versions manually if your tag management tool doesn’t provide you a tag wise versioning. Most of the enterprise tag management tools doesn’t provide you a tag wise versioning because of the limitations in their architecture. Imagine a scenario where you have 30 tags deployed which are on version 65 and you just want to change one particular tag back to a 32nd version and your tag management tool doesn’t have a tag wise versioning. Sounds so tiring isn’t it? This is where Ensighten comes to your rescue. Each tag is independent from other tag which makes it very easy to switch one particular tag back to an older version. Also, the JSLint based comparison system gives you a way to compare two different versions of your code to find out what went wrong.
  4. Spaces – Spaces are one of the most useful features and our favorite part of Ensighten. You should talk to an analytics developer how frustrating it is to move code from one environment to another by copy pasting during a production release. It doesn’t just stop at copy pasting the whole code. He/she should maintain all the code repositories of all the tags and their versions and check which code should be present on production, which should be present only in the development and so many other combinations. Ensighten solves all these problems with their brilliant architecture called Spaces. Spaces are containers which you can create for each environment. Sounds too simple? They come up with some of the powerful features like Mandated Conditions, Merging the code between two spaces and lot more which makes your developer’s life so easy. Next time during a production release, you will watch a cheerful developer in place of your old nervous one!
  5. Data definitions and User Management – Even though these two features are pretty standard in the tag management market, Ensighten provides a granular approach to user management which will give you a strong control on your account and the Data definitions provides a great addition to the tool which can improve your usage of Conditions, Spaces and Tags.
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Author: Ram Manohar

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  1. Steven E Hill says

    Curious, given that you also write about WordPress, are you aware of a plugin that will create the Data Layer JSON objects for an Ensighten tag management account?

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