Google Data Studio Tutorial! How to Automate Your Reporting Dashboards?


Data Visualization is one of the hottest areas in the market. One cannot ignore it if they are into Analytics, be it Traditional or Digital. So, what exactly do we mean by Data Visualization? Data Visualization is nothing but presenting the available data sets in a meaningful and graphical format. This enables different teams in a company to identify the patterns in their key metrics and take decisions quickly. Enter Google Data Studio. Why do we need a data visualization tool like Google Data … Read More »

How Ensighten makes your Analytics implementation more robust?

Ever since the advent of tag management systems, implementing digital marketing and analytics tools has become simple and quick for the marketing teams because of the features that comes bundled along with these systems. Since tag management systems host the JavaScript code on their specialized cloud delivery networks, this made a huge impact on delivery, deployment and the speed of digital channels. More importantly enterprises started seeing a huge ROI on tag management systems and started … Read More »

Google Tag Manager Video Tutorials

I have been writing posts related to some kind of implementation using Google tag manager from quite a while. Even though there is lot of good material out there to learn GTM, I thought I should make a series of videos explaining each and everything of GTM so that many people can get benefited. So if you are someone who wants to use Google tag manager on your website to manage marketing and analytics tags, this video tutorial series is for you. In this series I will try to explain all the basic … Read More »