Why I ditched Sumo Me and switched to OptinChat for Lead Generation?


If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you might have noticed some exit intent popups where I collect emails for different purposes. I was using the popular tool Sumo Me for this purpose. Sumo Me was a great tool with so many features for a better lead generation and call to action buttons on your website. But somehow my campaigns on Sumo Me were very old fashioned and did not yield much results with absolutely pathetic conversion rate. My general static form on the right sidebar performed … Read More »

How to create a Twitter Lead Generation Card and connect it to Google Spreadsheets?


Back when Twitter started, all you can do was post a 140 character text as a tweet. Later it added a feature where you can add a photo to your tweet. Twitter has come a long way when it added the Cards. Basically you can add rich media and give a great visual mashup to your tweet with the cards. You can read more about twitter cards here. In this post I would like to write in detail about one particular feature which will be very interesting if you are looking to build an email list using … Read More »

Facebook Custom Audience Pixel implementation using GTM Data Layer?

fb custom audience pixel_ google tag manager data layer

In one of the earlier posts, I have written on implementing Facebook Custom Audience Pixel's Standard events using Google Tag Manager. It was about¬†writing JavaScript inside Custom HTML Tag. The values of the parameters too were picked up using JavaScript. Facebook Custom Audience Pixel Standard Events implementation using GTM Data Layer In this post let us use GTM's in built Data Layer capability and see an example on how to implement the Standard Events. Implement the Base Pixel as shown … Read More »