How to convert CIDR IP Range into range of IPv4 Addresses using JavaScript?

A lot of times we need to understand the IP Addresses of the customers visiting the website. If you have a specific IP Address given to you, all is fine. But if you have a CIDR format of IP Range, things get fuzzy. CIDR format is a shortcut to write a range of IP Addresses. Example CIDR IP Range looks like "" which covers all the IP Addresses starting from ""  to "". We have a ton of CIDR to IPv4 converters available on the web which can do this … Read More »

Why I ditched Sumo Me and switched to OptinChat for Lead Generation?


If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you might have noticed some exit intent popups where I collect emails for different purposes. I was using the popular tool Sumo Me for this purpose. Sumo Me was a great tool with so many features for a better lead generation and call to action buttons on your website. But somehow my campaigns on Sumo Me were very old fashioned and did not yield much results with absolutely pathetic conversion rate. My general static form on the right sidebar performed … Read More »

Google Data Studio Tutorial! How to Automate Your Reporting Dashboards?


Data Visualization is one of the hottest areas in the market. One cannot ignore it if they are into Analytics, be it Traditional or Digital. So, what exactly do we mean by Data Visualization? Data Visualization is nothing but presenting the available data sets in a meaningful and graphical format. This enables different teams in a company to identify the patterns in their key metrics and take decisions quickly. Enter Google Data Studio. Why do we need a data visualization tool like Google Data … Read More »